Faculty Research and Publications

2020 Research and Publication Contributions

Turnover During a Corporate Merger: How Workplace Network Change Influences Staying

office-building.jpgThe upheaval created by a merger can precipitate voluntary employee turnover, causing merging organizations to lose valuable knowledge-based resources and competencies precisely when they are needed most to achieve the merger's integration goals. This study suggests that network activation theory can be extended to explain network changes and not simply network cognition. Read more...

Published: Journal of Applied Psychology

University of Montana contributor: James and Maggie Gleason Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Management, Dr. Theresa Floyd

An Ethical Perspective of Business CSR and the COVID-19 Pandemic

woman-computer-mask.jpgWhat decisions are businesses making in this pandemic environment? What ethical foundations most align with these decisions? This paper focuses on business responses to the COVID-19 pandemic through an ethical lens and makes recommendations for future research in this unique environment. Read more...

Published: Society and Business Review

University of Montana contributors: Rudyard B. Goode Professor in Finance, Dr. Tim Manuel, and Paul & Betty Haack Distinguished Faculty Fellow/Professor in Accounting, Dr. Terri Herron

Salesperson Socialization to the Consumption of Organizationally Provided Support Services: Differences Between High- and Low-Performing Salespeople

charts.jpgGet to understand the much-neglected phenomenon of the salesperson interface with organizationally provided support services (OPS) and find ways to help managers identify effective ways to enhance OPS utilization and employee satisfaction with such service provision. Read more...

Published: Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice

University of Montana contributor: Professor of Marketing, Dr. Simona Stan

Technology-Enhanced Auditing: Improving Veracity and Timeliness in Social and Environmental Audits of Supply Chains

port.jpgExplore how technology-enhanced auditing relates to issues of scope/focus, firm motivations for social and environmental audits (SEA), and governance of the audit function; three conditions under which the benefits of technology-enhanced audits are most likely; the four V's of data (volume, variety, velocity/timeliness and veracity); and possible mechanisms by which veracity and timeliness affect social and environmental performance in the supply chain.  Read more...

Published: Journal of Cleaner Production

University of Montana contributor: Regents Professor of Marketing and Poe Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Dr. Jakki Mohr

A Longitudinal Analysis of Job Skills for Entry-Level Data Analysts

computer-data.jpgUsing the results of the study on entry-level data analytics positions, universities can make informed curriculum decisions, and instructors can decide what skills to teach based on industry needs. Read more...

Published: Journal of Information Systems Education

University of Montana contributor: Ruff Family Master's of Science in Business Analytics Faculty Fellow and Management Information Systems Associate Professor, Dr. Jason Triche

Additional Research and Scholarly Work from the UM College of Business

Institutional logics and technology development: Evidence from the wind and solar energy industries

Published: Society and Business Review
University of Montana contributor: Sprunk and Burnham Endowed Dean, Dr. Suzanne Tilleman


Risk-Adjusted Returns of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds II: "How Do They Stack Up in Australia?"

Published: The Journal of Investing ESG Special Issue
University of Montana contributors: Donald and Carol Jean Byrnes Professor of Finance, Dr. Keith Jakob, and Professor of Finance, Dr. Bruce Costa


The Role of Dividend Size and Information Uncertainty

Published: Journal of Behavioral Finance
University of Montana contributor: Donald and Carol Jean Byrnes Professor of Finance, Dr. Keith Jakob


Experiential Learning Revisited: Lessons from a Student-Led Public Opinion Polling Class

Published: PS: Political Science & Politics
University of Montana contributor: Poe Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow & Associate Professor of Marketing, Dr. Justin Angle.


Internationalization's Effect on Mobility and Firms' Employee-based Resources

Published: Academy of Management Perspectives
University of Montana contributor: Warren & Betsy Wilcox Faculty Fellow and Associate Dean, Dr. Klaus Uhlenbruck


Currency Magnitude and Cognitive Biases: Evidence of Dividend Rounding in Latin America

Published: The North American Journal of Economics and Finance
University of Montana contributor: Donald & Carol Jean Byrnes Professor of Finance, Dr. Keith Jakob


Do Ownership Restrictions Affect Firm Value? Evidence from Mexico

Published: International Review of Accounting, Banking, & Finance
University of Montana contributors: Associate Professor of Accounting, Dr. Lisa Eiler, and KPMG Kayreen Handley Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Accounting, Dr. Isho Tama-Sweet


Beyond Myopia: Wealth Accumulation Mechanisms and Evolving Risk Behaviors

Published: Decision
University of Montana contributor: Poe Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor of Management Information Systems, Dr. Clayton Looney