Information for Employers

Welcome to the University of Montana College of Business (COB) Career Development Program. Our job is to connect employers with students.

The College of Business  has an office dedicated to the professional development of its students. The mission of the Career Development program is to provide students with the best possible chance to be competitive in the business world by providing workshops; practice interviews; resume critiques; networking events to build their professional network; and effective job search advice from expert staff, business owners, and human resource managers. We give employers the valuable opportunity to get to know students by providing campus visits, class visits, and the opportunity to host office hours. 

Descriptions of Programs

Offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  This program allows students to meet with employers, so that the employer can provide feedback to them on their resumes and practice interview skills.  Employer feedback is an enormous boost to a young professional’s ability to market themselves and that is what makes this event so successful! In addition to helping future business people develop, these programs also remain a great recruiting tool and offer good visibility for your organization.  If you would like to sign up to volunteer please email Estella Anderson at

Send your current openings to Laura Stinger at and we will get the word out for you!
meeting-graphic.pngThe Career Development Program can set up a scheduled visit to COB for your company. These can include one-on-one student appointments, socials, presentations to accounting, finance, MIS, and/or marketing student organizations.  If you are interested in more information, please email Laura Stinger at

Three times a semester Career Development offers Employer Information Booths which allow students to interact with employers during the school year, find out about employment opportunities and network with local employers.   

More information:

  • Location: This event will be held in the 1st floor lobby of the Gallagher Business Building (GBB) on the University of Montana campus. 
  • Students: Many students will stop by your table throughout the day, often between classes. Most students will be visiting you out of class so they may not be dressed up as much as some of our other events.
  • Parking: We will provide you with a complimentary parking pass.
  • Tables: We will provide a table for you to put your information on.  Some employers bring banners, table cloths, and handouts for the students, however, this is not mandatory. Think of this event as a mini-career fair. 
  • Cost:  There is no cost to participate, but we do only have 10 spots available for each date. It fills up fast! However, every company can only sign up for one event each semester.

Sign your company up!

networking-graphic.pngCareer Development holds three Career Networking Receptions for Accounting/Finance, MIS and Marketing/Management students.  This event is a great opportunity for companies to build a campus presence among students at COB.  It will connect you with students and allow you to talk to them about job or internship opportunities you have at your company.  Students come dressed up with resumes in hand, ready to talk to you!  

handshake-graphic.pngMeet the Firms is an annual event that connects Accounting and MIS students with firms across the country.  It allows companies to share valuable career information from industry experts. The event will take place every September at the Gallagher Business Building, on the 2nd floor Piazza. Registration is required.
breif-case.pngEach Spring the College of Business holds a Banking Expo for those banks seeking to hire interns, part-time and full-time employees. Register for the Spring 2022 Banking Expo here!

What Employers Say About Us

“The students from the U of M College of Business have been outstanding. They are hardworking, inquisitive, thorough and conscientious young professionals.  The program has shown to be a true benefit for our business and a healthy opportunity for the students.”  Go Griz! Brad Hart, President/CEO, Orepac

"The Career Development Program at the University of Montana College of Business is absolutely amazing! From their meticulously detailed planning, enthusiasm for their jobs, making visitors feel completely at home and welcome, and the extreme generosity of everyone's time, their input was beyond humbling. Our event in the College of Business was a tremendous success, and the college has a top tier team. Thank you for everything!"  Doug Mansfield, Talent Partner, R2C Group.

"University of Montana students are a pleasure to have in the recruiting process. UM students are well prepared, both technically and interpersonally, for a career in public accounting. They are ambitious, eager to learn and contribute, and have an unparalleled work ethic. Why? I think it has a lot to do with the COB faculty and staff. They are engaged in the recruiting process and are invested in their student's success as professionals."  KPMG