Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Are internships paid positions?

College of Business internships should be paid positions if working with a for-profit company. We do provide for a few volunteer internships per semester for non-profit organizations. Most of our interns are paid an hourly rate between $8.50 and $31.00 per hour.

How many internships can students have?

Students are encouraged to complete an internship at least twice prior to graduation.They may be during the summer or an academic semester. Internships may be with the same organization or with different ones, depending upon the needs of the company and the student.

What disciplines offer internships?

Internships are available to students in all disciplines in the College of Business. However, some majors are in more demand than others.

Are graduate students eligible?

Yes. Internships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Do students earn credits for internships?

Credit is available from all College of Business departments. The availability of credit and the number of credits offered are determined by the internship director and are based on the number of hours worked, duties and responsibilities of the position.

Can students go to school while working?

Students who have “parallel” internships can attend classes on campus while interning. This, of course, is only available to students interning in the Missoula area. Students can also intern on an “alternating” schedule, meaning they intern full-time for a semester or summer, then return to school the next semester.

How is the employer involved with the internship experience?

The employer must offer a quality work-based learning experience, be willing to guide, direct and supervise the intern, and complete an evaluation of the intern at the end of the semester.

How do students find internships?

You may apply for internships advertised on Handshake or other job sites, or you may develop your own internship opportunity. Meet with the internship director to brainstorm ideas for internships to help you achieve your career goals.