Internship Information for Employers

Thank you for considering the UM College of Business (COB) Internship Program. As we guide our students in their career development, willing employers are key to our success. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with quality employees who are eager to learn and create value for your business.

The COB Internship Program has achieved success for local, national and international employers and students for 30 years. Last year, COB interns work a total of 46,441 hours for 213 unique employers, generating 559 credits.

Benefits for Employers

The COB Internship Program allows students to support employers in accomplishing many tasks and it permits employers to utilize an internship to enhance the recruitment process. Employers can evaluate skill sets, improve training techniques, and make better hiring decisions in the future. The internship process gives employers the opportunity to consider how they may want to shape their workforce while working with students at a very cost-effective rate with low risk involved.

Choosing an Intern

Before hiring an intern, we suggest that you carefully consider your needs to ensure that you select the right intern for your company. Internships that provide students with a meaningful learning experience related to their degree choice are beneficial to both the student and employer. Internships are most successful when students have an employer-mentor available to them throughout the course of the internship.

College of Business Internship Program: How it Works

Internships for academic credit are driven by three key elements:

  • The job description, provided by the employer, and how it supports the academic development of the student
  • Required time commitment
    • 50 hours of work experience are required per credit
    • Therefore, a three-credit internship requires a total of 150 hours, or about 10 hours per week over the course of an academic term
  • The availability of a mentor for the intern.

Upon approval, interns and employers complete an online learning agreement and the student creates a list of personal learning objectives detailing what s/he would like to achieve over the course of the internship.


Employers will be asked to sign a learning agreement at the beginning of the internship and complete a short survey regarding the overall internship experience at the end. This communication will come from UM Academic Enrichment office.

The Fine Print: Guidelines and Procedures for Hiring An Intern

Please visit the UM Academic Enrichment website for specific guidelines on hiring an intern