Fall 2017 Advising Information Sessions

SoBA Information Sessions are mandatory for SoBA students depending on level and status. Other students can obtain their advising number by going to the SoBA Advising Office for an appointment. A student must have an approved schedule from SoBA Advising prior to getting their number. 

Upper Division Major Information Sessions (mandatory for all students beginning their upper-division major in Summer or Fall 2017):
    • Tuesday, March 28, 2016 at 3:30pm in GBB 106
All remaining students must meet with SoBA Advising in the SoBA Student Success Center (GBB L35) to get their advising number. Students should plan on 15 to 20 minutes per meeting, and should come with a proposed schedule in hand to fully utilize the time they take with an advisor.
4-Bear and Veteran students should contact their 4-Bear and Veteran Advisors for information about setting up appointments. The 4-Bear and Veteran Advisors per major are:
Student's Major 4-Bear Advisor Veteran Advisor
Business Administration Sandi Nelson - GBB L35 Sandi Nelson - GBB L35
Accounting Casey McNellis - GBB 309 Casey McNellis, GBB 309
Finance Tim Manuel - GBB 305 Bruce Costa - GBB 316
Management Klaus Uhlenbruck - GBB 326 Klaus Uhlenbruck - GBB 326
Management Information Systems Jason Triche - GBB 314 Jason Triche - GBB 314
Marketing Carol Bruneau - GBB 303 Carol Bruneau - GBB 303