Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Courses

Aug. 3, 2020


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MISSOULA - This fall, UM will be offering three stackable courses on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The courses are open to the public for no credit and current UM students for one credit. All three courses meet online during a five-week period.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Mini-Courses are highly interactive and designed for business professionals interested in gaining an introduction to DEI theory and practices. They introduce participants to key concepts and methods for effective promotion and development of DEI principles in the workplace. Participants finish the course sequence with an introductory awareness of gender, race, intersectionality, and privilege as well as proven methods for implementing DEI principles to effect substantive change. Specific resources include field-tested analysis, real-world applications, and research-based principles and guidelines.

Courses may be taken separately or in sequence, but the first two should be taken in order to take the third. (Note: Course 1 - Dismantling Institutional Racism: From Theory to Practice is a repeat of the course offered Summer 2020. Students who have already taken that course may progress to the second course).

Courses are taught by Theresa Floyd, Associate Professor of Management; Elizabeth Hubble, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Director; and Tobin Miller Shearer, African-American Studies Program Director.



AAST 491: Dismantling Institutional Racism: From Theory to Practice (8/19-9/21)

This course introduces students to the research-based and field-tested terms, concepts, and principles to dismantle institutional racism.

WGSS 491: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Theory and Formation (9/21-10/23)

This course will explore historical and contemporary concepts of gender and sexuality, and present key theories of privilege, identity, and intersectionality (especially of race, class, gender, and sexuality) to prepare participants for effective implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizational contexts.

BGEN 491: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The Inclusive Organization (10/26-11/25)

The goals of this class are to explore and develop our understanding of discrimination and marginalization in our business institutions in the U.S., identify causes and practical solutions, and equip ourselves to be the change agents who implement diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organizations where we work.


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