FAST Enterprises Finds Valuable Recruits at UM's School of Business

Map of UM Alumni at FAST Enterprises

Every spring for many years now, the UM School of Business’ events schedule is packed with employer visits, networking events and career opportunity nights. A large part of the impressive turn-out by local, national and even global firms is due to the consistent efforts of the school’s career development team to not only bring in these firms but also ensure that the participating students are adequately prepared.

As Estella Anderson, the Director of Career Development describes,

“Our school is the only school in the state of Montana with a Career Development program dedicated to preparing students with skills they will not learn in the classroom. With this, we are able to provide our students with training, assistance and workshops in preparing resumes, interviewing and multiple other topics surrounding professional skills and the other components that make them employer ready.”

Among the many national and global firms that consistently recruit the University of Montana’s business students is FAST Enterprises, a national and global IT firm providing software and consulting services to government agencies. Over the years, FAST has been steadfast in its recruitment of UM’s business students, and, as FAST associate Heidi Sayler explained during their recent recruiting visit, they are always looking for more UM graduates to join their team.

“Fast Enterprises has been recruiting from the University of Montana for many years now. We currently have 38 alumni working for us and are looking for even more every semester!”

To illustrate the wide scope and reach of UM SoB alumni within FAST Enterprises, FAST’s recruiters shared a map with students showing the number of UM SoB alumni in each location, both nationally and internationally. In the U.S., UM graduates spread from coast to coast and up to Alaska. They even live and work as far away as Finland and New Zealand.

“Many of these alumni have built their careers with FAST and are now associate partners, project managers, and project architects at FAST. They’ve spread the Griz spirit to 16 states and even two international locations.” Sayler further noted.

So, other than an impressive career development program, why do firms like FAST keep coming back to the UM School of Business to search for their future employees?

As Anderson explains,

“FAST and other companies tell me that the reason they continue to come back and recruit our students is because they have not only been academically prepared but are also hardworking and tremendously talented.”

For more information on upcoming recruiter visits and career development events, please visit the SoB Career Development page.