Undergraduate Management & Entrepreneurship Degree Program

Recommended Tracks within Management & Entrepreneurship Major


Required Courses: Credits
BGEN 360 International Business 3
BMGT 420 Leadership & Motivation 3
BMGT 448 Entrepreneurship 3
BMGT 444 Management Communications 3
Plus at least twelve credits from the following three-credit electives:
BMGT430 Business Negotiation PSCI 462 Human Resource Management
BMGT 480 Cross-Cultural Management BMGT 491 Special Topics Seminar (HR Focus)
BMGT 498 Management Internship (HR Focus) ENCS 312 Labor Economics
Human Resource Track Elective Suggestions:
ANTY 220S Culture and Society COMX 202S Nonverbal Communication
COMX 222 Professional Communication COMX 220S Organizational Communication
COMX 210S Communication in Small Group COMX 106 Communication in a Dynamic Workplace
PSYX 100S Intro to Psychology


Required courses:
BGEN 360 International Business
BMGT 420 Leadership & Motivation
BMGT 448 Entrepreneurship
BMGT 444 Management Communications

Requirement #1: Students must complete all requirements for at least one of the College of Business's majors: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Management Information Systems.

Requirement #2: Students must complete all three parts of the Advanced Entrepreneurship Seminar: BMGT 458

Requirement #3: Students complete a 498 internship course offered by any of the College of Business's major areas, and this internship must be with an entrepreneurial venture. 

Requirement #4: Students must complete six credits from outside their major area of student from the following courses:

BFIN 301 Analysis of Financial Statements BMGT 420 Leadership & Motivation
BMKT 337 Consumer Behavior BMGT 491 Selected topics
BMIS 478E-Commerce a Managerial Perspective BMKT 342 Marketing Research
 BMKT 343 Integrated Marketing Communications BMKT 460 Marketing of High-Tech Products and Innovations
Entrepreneurship Track Elective Suggestions:
ACTG 305 Corporate Reporting l ACTG 306 Corporate Reporting II
BFIN 301 Analysis of Financial Statements BFIN 473 Multinational Finance and FDI
BMKT 460 Marketing of High-Tech Products & Innovations ECNS 217X Economic Development
ECNS 301 Intermediate Microeconomics ECNS 301 Intermediate Macroeconomics 


Requirement Lower Core & Upper Core

** Second Business Major required in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Management Information Systems.

FOUR semesters or equivalent of one foreigh language with a C- or better in each course.

Required courses:
BGEN 360 International Business
BMGT 480 Cross-Cultural Management
BFIN 473 Multinational Finance Management
BMGT 467 Global Operations and Supply Chain Mgmt
Plus two courses (6 credits) approved by your Int'l Business Advisor
International Business Track Elective Suggestions:
ACTG 305 Corporate Reporting 1 ACTG 306 Corporate Reporting 11
ECNS 301 Intermediate Microeconomics ECNS 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 317X Economic Development ECNS *** Country Specific Economic Courses
ECNS 431 International Trade GPHY 121S Human Geography
GPHY 141S Geography of World Regions GPHY 433S Cultural Ecology
GPHY *** Country/Region Specific Geography Courses *** - Advanced Language Courses


Required courses: Credits
BMGT 401 Event Management 3
BMGT 402 Principles of Entertainment Management I 3
BMGT 403 Principles of Entertainment Management II 3
Plus following nine credits from the following electives:
BFIN  205 Personal Finance BGEN 220E Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
BMGT 275 Venue Management BMKT 411* Services and Relationship Marketing
BMKT 291 Sports Mktg for Non-Majors BMKT 413* Sports Marketing
BMKT 412* Nonprofit Marketing BMGT 491 Special Topics Seminar (approved topic)
BMGT 375 Business of Film & Television MUSI 132L History of Rock & Roll
BMGT 420** Leadership & Motivation BMIS 477 Multimedia Development for Business
BMGT 474 Entertainment Research & Planning PSCI 446 Nonprofit Administration & Public Service
BMGT 498 Entertainment Management Internship BMKT 420** Online & Social Media Marketing
BMIS 478 Electronic Commerce  JRNL 251 Introduction to Radio-Television Production
 MAR 111A Fundamentals of Integrated Digital Arts OR MAR 112A Intro to Non-Linear Editing
* BMKT 325 is the prerequisite course.
 **BMGT 430 is the prerequisite course.

Recommended Course: (Optional)
BMGT 101 Introduction to the Entertainment Business (This course is highly recommended!)