Management and Marketing Advisory Board

Meet the group of leaders that oversees COB's success

Management & Marketing Advisory Board 2014-2015

JJ Adams Consultant/Montana Tech-Assnt Proffessor Private Sector/MT Tech
Darin Archer Director, Commerce & Merchandizing IBM Commerce
Heidi Beck Heser Manager/Candy Chef The Sweet Palace
Melanie Brock Principal Brock Consulting
Bob Burns Market President Stockman Bank
Dave Danford Marketing Executive Danford Group, LLC
Scott Davis Committee Chairman Frontier Angel Fund
John Giuliani Owner Montana Timber Products
Spencer Helm Director-Paid Media VaynerMedia
Renee King Director of Human Resources PayneWest Insurance
Luke Langbehn St. Project Manager McKinstry Co., LLC
Patrick Marzullo Production Google Brand Studio
Phillip Matteson Rockies Area Operations Manager Halliburton
Geoff Peddicord Vice President of Marketing First Security Bank
Jennifer Smith Managing Consultant Acesco, LLC
Karli Vold Director of Client Services FIREapps, Inc.
Whitney Williams Founder/CEO williamsworks