Post-Graduation Employment

The MSBA program trains students in relevant skills to provide immediate value to employers. While applying and interviewing for jobs during the school year was no easy task, given the heavy course load, several students made it a priority and were rewarded for their efforts.


Hayley Lose (left) and Elizabeth Sicheri (right) presenting their Capstone Analysis projects at the Stockman Bank in April.

Elizabeth Sicheri became interested in Fast Enterprises during their recruitment trip to the College of Business; she has since launched her career as a Data Analyst in their Pennsylvania office. She focuses on working with clients to provide insight into data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics to optimize data-driven decision making.

Hayley Lose moved to Portland, OR to work for digital marketing agency R2C Group in Marketing Analytics. Hayley is working on a variety of projects, such as developing forms for client data collection and training an internal team on statistical programming in R Studio.

Marty Grant stayed in Missoula to use his technical expertise as a Data Analyst at LumenAd, a fast-growing tech company focused on helping brands and agencies drive their revenue through optimized digital campaigns. Marty is helping LumenAd leverage the power of machine learning to solve their complex data puzzles.

Mike Ralston received his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems, and upon completion of the MSBA program moved to Seattle, WA to work for KMPG. In his role as an IT Audit and Assurance Associate, Mike utilizes his unique skill set to execute system development, evaluate the effectiveness of technology controls, and identify performance improvement opportunities (among other things!).

Other students completed the program while working either part-time or full-time. They are now utilizing the skills gained over the course of the year to help drive data-driven decision making at their companies. Learn more about their work!

Several MSBA students earned their final credits through an international business internship in Romania during the month of June. Working with large international companies such as Continental and Marquardt helped them gain additional work experience in the analytics field. After enjoying some time abroad, the students are starting the rigorous job application process. Stay tuned for more employment updates! 

Mary Makris (center) with the IT and Data Science teams at Continental, an international auto-part manufacturing company in Sibiu, Romania.