Learning with Guest Speakers


Hearing from a variety of guest speakers allowed students to gain a comprehensive picture of the potential career opportunities in the analytics field. More importantly, guest speakers shared how their organizations leverage data analytics and provided insight into the path to success.  

These were just a few of the guest speakers our students heard from this past year.

  • Kayla Gonzales – Acoustics (IBM spinoff) – Product Manager – Stressed the importance of having the technical prowess combined with sufficient business acumen to bridge the gap between stakeholders.
  • Philip Churchill – Nike –Senior Marketing Analytics Manager – Shared case studies using causal impact modeling, multi-touch attribution modeling, and social listening
  • Taylor Brugh – Bridge Partners – Management Consultant – Shared professional communication and project management
  • Stefani Weimholt – Ovative – Senior Analyst – Discussed dashboard design and data visualization for decision makers