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Jakki Mohr

Welcome to the 2nd Annual MSBA Newsletter, with highlights from the past year's Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) at the University of Montana's College of Business. Sixteen students graduated in May 2018! This newsletter features the graduates' post-employment career opportunities, their course work and internships, and guest speakers; in addition, it highlights a few of our incoming students and partnership opportunities. For inquiries, contact  Jakki Mohr.

Post-Graduation Employment


With an emphasis on gaining hands-on, relevant work experience, the MSBA program is designed to help students obtain employment directly upon completion. Several graduates received and accepted a variety of job offers at high-profile companies across the US. Read More...

Program Highlights


Program Coursework & Projects

A benefit of the MSBA program is its diverse curriculum. Core classes in marketing, MIS, and statistics are supplemented with a variety of electives in computer science, economics, and journalism, to name just a few possibilities.



Learning with Guest Speakers

Throughout the year, students heard from a variety of analytics professionals in several different industries. From marketing researchers to data scientists, each provided useful insights into what it takes to succeed in the analytics field.



MSBA Capstone Showcase

To thank the Missoula business community for their support of the MSBA program and foster engagement with graduating students, the 2nd Annual MSBA Capstone Showcase was held on the rooftop floor at Stockman Bank.



Working While Pursuing MSBA

Giving up a full-time job to pursue another degree is often a difficult choice. Students determined to earn the analytics degree while working maintained a part-time class schedule while leveraging their new skills in the workplace.


Looking Forward

After a second successful year, the MSBA faculty and staff are aiming to make year three even better.

Incoming Student Highlights

The incoming cohort is full of intelligent, go-getters who are excited to dig in to the rigorous year ahead.


Anna Marbut

Anna Marbut, with a degree in Linguistics from Reed College, is already putting her analytics skills to use as a data intern at Submittable working on text analytics and information retrieval. Anna’s unique knowledge of language and speech has paved the way for her focus on Natural Language Processing, and she is especially looking forward to learning more text analytics and dabbling in machine learning. Previously, Anna spent five years working as a Veterinary Technician and is using her experience on the small Alpaca Farm she currently lives on with her husband.


Thomas Ray

Thomas Ray is entering the Master’s in Business Analytics program with a background in Finance and International Business from Montana State University. Having excelled in the pre-requisite courses over the last year, Thomas is excited to be part of “such a unique and innovative program”. When he’s not managing employees at Five on Black or enjoying summer in Missoula (rafting, hiking, fishing), Thomas spends some of his free time working on projects in Python to prepare for the year ahead. Thomas is looking forward to expanding his data science toolkit, diving into some machine learning, and putting his analysis skills to work for the Big Sky Poll.


Kailey Norman

Kailey Norman graduated from UM in 2017 with a BA in Marketing and Management, and wanted to gain more technical skills. Over the fall 2017 and spring 2018 she completed the MSBA pre-requisites and especially enjoyed the Intro to Consulting class. This experience led to an internship at Fast Enterprises as an Implementation Consultant. While shadowing individuals in the data warehousing and analytics department, Kailey realized how interested she is in expanding her analytical skills for exciting career opportunities in the future.  

Interested in Supporting the MSBA Program?

If you are interested in supporting the Master’s of Science in Business Analytics program, there are many ways to help.


Provide a student with the opportunity to apply the knowledge he or she has gained in the classroom in a workplace environment! Interns are ready to learn and contribute value immediately with their technical expertise.   


If you have a dataset ripe for analysis, partner with one of our students eager to analyze real company data. Not only will you receive an insightful analysis, but students benefit from exposure to unique datasets.


Donate money to the MSBA program to support our program, including student scholarships, graduate assistantships, speaker expenses, the MSBA Showcase and more. Contact Jakki Mohr.





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