Masters of Science in Business Analytics

Find your future in a data-driven world with a cutting-edge degree at UM

Are you quantitatively oriented?

Do you love math and numbers?msba_graduates

Do computers and analytics excite you?

Whether you are a business professional, a person looking to re-tool your skillset for the cutting-edge field of data analytics, or a talented undergraduate, the University of Montana’s Master’s of Science in Business Analytics prepares graduates for successful careers at the intersection of business, statistics, and computing. 

Anyone who is interested in analyzing data to inform decision making should enroll in this program. People from a variety of majors and backgrounds can excel and leverage the new skills and knowledge gained to succeed in their desired career field.

Once you have the four foundation courses completed, our program allows you to earn a Master’s degree in one year.

"Leading the charge toward smarter, data-driven marketing strategies is the University of Montana. There is a vast difference between demand for marketing analytics and the supply of well-trained analysts, as well as marketing professionals who can draw insights from data..." - Taylor Radey, PR 20/20

Why UM’s MSBA Program?

A focus on applied learning on real data, storytelling techniques to effectively communicate results, and innovative thinking to develop unique solutions to problems are key differentiators of our program.

Emphasis on Storytelling - Analyzing the data is only half of the battle. Success in the field also requires effective demonstration and communication of results. Coursework centers on this concept and ensures students can translate data analysis results into an impactful narrative to support key insights.

Ethics & Data Stewardship – UM’s program emphasizes the importance of securing data ethically, developing policies for ethical use of data, and respect of data privacy.

Innovation – With classes focused on innovation, graduates learn to harness data analytics to identify new sources of value, find underlying patterns and anomalies, and ultimately reveal new insights for innovation.

Industry Partnerships - Strong business community and industry partnerships provide students the opportunity to gain relevant work experience by using real company data and often presenting key insights to business owners. In addition, a number of data analytics speakers from firms such as FiveThirtyEight, Nike, Starbucks, and Microsoft present throughout the year.

Location, location, location – If quality of life is something you value, Missoula, MT can’t be beat. Outdoor activities abound – fishing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, surfing (yes, we have a river wave!), you name it. In addition, a vibrant and diverse community is a welcome environment for locals and newcomers alike.

A wide variety of elective opportunities allows students to customize the program to their own career goals.


“The MSBA is very innovative and designed to deliver critical knowledge and skills for the technology intensive business environment of today. It serves a rapidly growing need in the marketplace and it is likely to attract enrollment from both Montana business professionals, who need to hone their business analytics skills, and from out-of-state and international students.” -Dr. Clayton Looney, MSBA Director

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Core Curriculum

The Masters of Business Analytics (MSBA) is a 32 credit, one year program, offered on campus at the University of Montana. Upon completion of the program foundation classes, the one year MSBA consists of 15 credits of required courses and 17 credits of electives to assist in self-designing a program to meet your individualized needs.

All coursework focuses on providing experience with both hard technical skills and soft business skills. The core curriculum includes the study of business intelligence, big data analytics, business statistics, statistical computing, data mining and management, and communicating insights based on data analysis and associated decision-making. Prior to starting the MSBA program, student must complete the required foundations courses.



· Applied Data Analytics

· Business Intelligence

· Text Mining of Unstructured data

· Electives of Choice

· Advanced Marketing Research

· Quantitative Analysis

· Big Data & Innovation  

· Capstone Project  

· Electives of Choice

Through electives, students can tailor the degree to complement their own skillsets and career goals. Subjects include but are not limited to math, economics, computer science, marketing, and journalism.

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