Professional Program

The Masters of Business Analytics (MSBA) is a 32 credit, one year program, offered on campus at the University of Montana. Upon completion of the program foundation classes, the one year MSBA consists of 15 credits of required courses and 17 credits of electives, to assist in self-designing a program to meet your individualized needs.

All coursework focuses on providing experience with both hard technical skills and soft business skills. The core curriculum includes the study of business intelligence, big data analytics, business statistics, statistical computing, data mining and management, and communicating insights based on data analysis and associated decision-making. Prior to starting the MSBA program, student must complete the required foundations courses. 

Foundations Courses (9 credits)

Course Name Credits Offered  Syllabi
BMKT 560 Marketing & Statistics 3 All Term  
STAT 451 Statistical Methods 3 Fall / Summer  
BMIS 326 Intro to Data Analytics 3 All Terms  
Internship / Work Experience

Required Core Courses (15 credits)

Autumn Semester Offerings

Course Name Credits  Syllabi
BMIS 601 Business Intelligence 3  
BMKT 670 Applied Data Analytics 3  
BMIS 625 Text Mining of Unstructured Data 1  

Spring Semester Offerings

Course Name Credits Syllabi
BMKT 642 Advanced Marketing Research 3
BMIS 650 Quantitative Analysis 2
BMKT 680 Big Data & Innovation 3

Elective Courses (17 credits required)

A wide variety of elective opportunities allows students to customize the program to their own career goals.

The electives listed below are a sample of the electives that are available. Having an array of options allows students to design the MSBA program to meet their needs. Electives also include independent studies and internships.

  • Integrated Online Marketing
  • Data Visualization
  • Applications of Mining Big Data
  • Investigations
  • Digital Tech in the Arts I
  • Introduction to Consulting
  • Mgmt of Information Systems

Explore full descriptions of core classes and electives in the MSBA program.