About Leading Out West

The University of Montana is a beacon for inclusion and diversity since its founding in 1893. Many Montana kids grow up in rural areas that are not welcoming to people of diverse orientations, including people who identify as LGBTQIA+. The Leading Out West Summer Workshop is designed with these students and allies in mind.

The program is a three-day, three-night leadership and network building intensive program for a small cohort of students. Industry leaders and business professionals help instruct and facilitate the summer workshop. 

The Leading Out West Summer Workshop will allow UM and the College of Business to leap forward in its commitment to provide a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ undergraduate and graduate students from across the region. This intensive program will launch diverse and effective business leaders who are confident in who they are.

While learning how to amplify strengths and personal leadership styles, students will also expand their network of business professionals and mentors that can share ideas and experiences.

Students will be charged $140 for this unique opportunity. The $140 fee will cover the cost of breakfast, a dorm room, and other administrative fees. Financial assistance for fees and travel expenses is available for those that qualify.

The first student cohort will complete the Leading Out West Summer Workshop June 10-12, 2020.

The University of Montana College of Business Partnership

The University of Montana is a place of extraordinary achievements. For more than a century, it has provided students - 20,000 alumni and counting - with exceptional undergraduate, professional and graduate education.

The world needs diverse leaders who tackle pressing global issues and entrepreneurs who see what's possible and make it reality. The University of Montana is answering the call - increasing our global emphasis, providing more real-world learning experiences and building an environment that fosters collaboration, acceptance and intellectual excellence. UM is going above and beyond, not only for students but also for the world they will shape.

As the top-rated and most rigorous business school in the region, the University of Montana's College of Business helps today's students become tomorrow's professionals.