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Theresa Floyd

Associate Professor


Personal Summary

Theresa Floyd earned her Ph.D. from Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky in 2014. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Syracuse University. Theresa’s research interests encompass two main streams, both of which incorporate social network theory and analysis.

The first stream, in the realm of business management, focuses on social cognition, social influence, and the effects of organizational change on organizational identification and attachment. The second stream, in the realm of natural resource governance, focuses on how psychological processes operate within the social networks of resource stakeholders to influence attitudes and outcomes.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Theresa worked in retail merchandising for industry giants such as Gap and PetSmart. She loves bringing her business experience and research experience to her teaching and has a passion for preparing her students for successful business careers.

When not teaching or doing research, Theresa enjoys travel, singing, running, yoga and spending time with her husband, Paul, and their daughter, Natalie.


Ph.D. Business Administration, 2014, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky

Master of Arts Textile Design, 1995, Syracuse University

Bachelor of Science Fashion Design, 1993, Syracuse University

Courses Taught

MBA Organizational Behavior (BMGT 640)

MBA Human Resources Management (BMGT 645)

Management and Organizational Behavior (BMGT 340)

Human Resources Management (BMGT 491)


Under Review

Causholli, M., Floyd, T., Jenkins, N., Soltis, S. The Ties that Bind: Knowledge-Sharing Networks and Auditor Performance. (Received second request for resubmission from Accounting, Organizations, and Society).

Woehler, M., Floyd, T., Shah, N., Marineau, J., Sung, W., Grosser, T., Fagan, J., Labianca, G. Turnover during a corporate merger: How workplace network adaptation influences staying. (Received request for resubmission from Journal of Applied Psychology).

Floyd, T., Metcalf, E., Mohr, J., Metcalf, P., & Callaway, R. Social networks in ecological restoration: the roles of trust, public engagement, and network ties in satisfaction with restoration outcomes. (Received request for resubmission from Society & Natural Resources).


Working Papers

Floyd, T., Chaffin, B., and Metcalf, E. Social Networks in Environmental Governance: A Review and Identification of Opportunities. (Targeting Environmental Management).

Floyd, T., Brass, D., Borgatti, S. & Mehra, A. Audience effects on networking outcomes. (Targeting Group & Organization Management).

Floyd, T., Borgatti, S. & Soltis, S.  When Friends Disagree: Contagion of Organizational Commitment in the Context of Contradictory Influences.  (Targeting Journal of Organizational Behavior).

Gerbasi, A., Floyd, T. & Labianca, G. A Social Network View of Involuntary Employee Turnover. (Targeting Journal of Management)

Mehra, A., Floyd, T., Borgatti, S., Soltis, S., & Kidwell, G. Imaginary Networks: Perception of Social Networks and Informal Leadership. (Targeting Journal of Management Inquiry).


Chaffin, B., Floyd, T., and Albro, S. Leadership in informal stormwater governance networks. (forthcoming). PLOS One.

Sung, W., Woehler, M., Fagan, J., Grosser, T., Floyd, T., Labianca, G. Coping with Employees’ Post-merger Uncertainty. (2018). Thrive Global.

Sung, W., Woehler, M., Fagan, J., Grosser, T., Floyd, T., & Labianca, G. Intraindividual Change in Organizational Identification, Attachment, and Turnover. (2017). Journal of Applied Psychology.

- Nominated for OB Division Best Paper Award, AOM Annual Meeting, 2018.

Floyd, T., Sterling, C. A Social Network Perspective on Envy in Organizations. (2016). R.H. Smith, U. Merlone, M.K. Duffy (Eds.) Envy at Work and in Organizations. Oxford University Press.

Floyd, T., Hoogland, C., Smith, R.H. The Role of Leaders in Managing Envy and its Consequences in their Organizations. (2016). S. Braun, C. Peus & B Schyns (Eds.), Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

Mehra, A., Borgatti, S., Soltis, S., Floyd, T., Ofem, B., Halgin, D., and Kidwell, V.  (2014). Imaginary Worlds:  Using Visual Network Scales to Capture Perceptions of Social Networks. In S. Borgatti, D. Brass, D. Halgin, G. Labianca & A. Mehra (Eds.), Research in the Sociology of Organizations: Contemporary Perspectives on Organizational Social Networks. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

Ofem, B., Floyd, T., & Borgatti, S.  (2012). Social Networks and Organizations.  In D.D. Caulkins & A.T. Jordan (Eds.), A Companion to Organizational Anthropology. Blackwell.


University of Montana College of Business

LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis, Unviersity of Kentucky

NSF EPSCor-funded grant: "Resilience Informatics for the COnvergence of Critical Capacities to Address Regional-scale Environment Change."

- currently seeking PhD student for Funded Research Assistantship. Job posting available here

Specialized Skills

Social Network Analysis

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution