Department of Management and Marketing

Jakki Mohr

Regents Professor of Marketing


Personal Summary

Dr. Jakki Mohr is the Regents Professor of Marketing and the Poe Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow at the University of Montana. She received her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to joining the University of Montana in 1997, Mohr was an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Before beginning her academic career, she worked in Silicon Valley for Hewlett-Packard (hp).

Jakki’s expertise is overcoming the challenges companies face in developing and commercializing break-through innovations, including a broad range of technologies ranging from scientific innovations to innovations in restoration and ecology. Her interests at the intersection of business and nature has led to several funded projects, including analysis of innovations in the field of ecological restoration to restore degraded landscapes; companies’ valuations of natural capital; and companies’ efforts to become “net positive” (beyond net zero). In research sponsored by the Marketing Science Institute, she studies how companies use biomimicry (innovations inspired by nature, based on underlying biological mechanisms) to solve technical and engineering challenges. Her recent focus on the use of data analytics to drive innovation led to invitations to deliver executive education programs on “Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics for Innovation.”  For example, she was an Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand) in November 2018.  She also mentors start-ups, particularly women-owned start-ups, with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. She served on the National Academies of Sciences Committee to overcome barriers to electric vehicle deployment in the United States (2012-2015), which included an invitation to participate in a think-tank workshop at KAPSARC in Saudi Arabia. Her early research focused on organizational communication between partners in strategic alliances/ partnerships and between distribution channel members.

Mohr's research has received national awards and appears in the Journal of Marketing, the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Product and Innovation Management, Restoration Ecology, the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, the Journal of Retailing, among others.

An innovator in the field of strategic marketing of disruptive innovations, Mohr achieved international acclaim for Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations (2010, 3rd edition, with Sanjit Sengupta and Stanley Slater), used by colleges and universities worldwide (translated into three languages) as well as by managers for executive training sessions. In addition, her book has resulted in invitations to guest-teach at the Drucker School of Management (Claremont Graduate University), ORT University (as a Fulbright Specialist) in Montevideo, Uruguay, as well as universities in Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, India, France, Italy, New Zealand and Slovenia, and to conduct executive education at companies both large (such as Fujitsu) and small.

The winner of numerous teaching awards, including the 2018 Montana Educator of the Year (presented by the State of Montana), the 2008 Outstanding Marketing Teacher Award (presented by the Academy of Marketing Science) and the 2005 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching "Montana Professor of the Year," she also received University of Montana’s Most Inspirational Teacher of the Year in 2002, voted by graduating seniors.

In her spare time, she enjoys many outdoor activities with her active family.  


Ph.D.           University of Wisconsin-Madison  (Marketing; Emphasis in Organizational Sociology)

M.S.              Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado   (Marketing)

B.B.A.           Boise State University, Boise, Idaho  (Marketing)

Courses Taught

Principles of Marketing (required course for all School of Business juniors)

Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations (a senior-level elective for both marketing and MIS students focusing on developing marketing strategies to successfully commercialize emerging technologies)

Data Analytics & Innovation (a graduate course in the Master’s of Science in Business Analytics focused on integrating data-driven insights into organizational processes, and new product/service offerings to add new value, with particular attention to customer privacy and data governance)

Branding Strategies for the Digital Age (a graduate course on leveraging brand strategies to cement relationships with customers, and how those strategies must be modified for the new digital customer journey and leveraging new technologies such as digital voice assistants/platforms such as Alexa)

Pursue Your Passions (elective course for women entrepreneurs)

Introduction to Marketing (elective course featuring 10 different professional pathways in marketing, for any person curious about what a career in marketing entails as well as the skills required for success in marketing)

Teaching Experience

University of Colorado-Boulder (1989-1997)
Adjunct Faculty (short-term teaching) at:
IEDC Bled (Slovenia) School of Management:  May 2019; May 2021
University of Otago/Dunedin, New Zealand:  September 2018
Claremont Graduate University, Drucker School of Management, 2005-2017
ORT University, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2010-2018
University of Bern, Switzerland (Institute of Innovation Management): 2004, 2011, 2015
Stockholm University, 2012 (January) and 2015 (November)
Ecole d’Management, Grenoble, France 2007
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India – November 2006  

Research Interests

I study the challenges technology companies face in developing and commercializing breakthrough innovations, particularly in their partnerships and in their innovation capabilities.

Most recently, my research has addressed issues at the intersection of business and the natural environment, including (1) how companies infuse sustainability (environmental) considerations into their innovation processes, with a focus on biomimicry specifically (nature-inspired innovations) and (2) how business strategies affect and are affected by ecological concerns, such as ecological restoration.
Theoretically, I draw on a wide range of disciplines, including the resource-based view of the firm, dynamic capabilities, knowledge and learning theories, and more recently, social-ecological systems (coupled human-natural systems).

My early research focused on communication, information sharing, governance, and related behaviors in distribution channels and strategic partnerships in high-tech industries. In addition, I have studied communication and information sharing behaviors of marketing managers (i.e., the use of information in resource allocations; issues with proprietary information, etc.).


Part of a $20 million / five-year (2018-2023) NSF-funded EPSCoR (State of Montana) project:  Consortium for Research on Environmental Water Systems (CREWS).  My role is training researchers and students on commercialization potential of their scientific discoveries.

Part of a $200,000 / three-year (2018-2021) NSF-funded project to establish the University of Montana as an iCorp Site. My role will be monitoring and assessment.

AY 2017/2018    $5000 Funding for Grad Student on the Business of Restoration                       
$15,000 Funding for Undergrad Student on Valuations of Natural Capital

Field of Study

As a marketing professor, my specialty is in technology marketing, also known as marketing of technology and innovation. Technology companies face market and competitive uncertainties in successfully commercializing their innovations; moreover, the engineering-driven, technology-oriented culture of these companies further complicates their ability to successful develop marketing strategies. Hence, technology marketing requires a unique approach to strategic planning, including developing an organizational culture focused on customer understanding and market knowledge. My research projects and consulting practice allow me to credibly work with students, companies, executive education programs, and trade associations to train managers to be adept in the complicated environment of technology, science, and innovation.

Most recently, I have studied large companies' efforts to infuse sustainability and environmental considerations into their business processes. One project has a particular focus on biomimicry, or the conscious seeking of creativity and inspiration from nature to solve technical and design challenges in the innovation process. Another project looks at how companies place a valuation on their natural capital. Another examines how companies move from a goal of "net zero" environmental footprint to "net positive,"--a goal to restore nature. Finally, I am also working on how innovation can be used to transform the business of ecological restoration--a multi-million dollar industry to restore degraded landscapes.

An award-winning teacher, I have taught marketing for 25+ years in a university setting, and have consulted with a wide variety of high-tech companies both large and small. I also teach in a variety of executive education programs around the world.

Specialties: technology marketing 
commercialization of technology 
intersection of business and nature
use of biomimicry in company innovation


Mohr, Jakki, Peter Harrison, Jessica Stanhope, and Martin Breed (forthcoming), “Is the “Genomics” Cart Before the “Restoration” Horse? Royal Philosophical Transactions B, DOI:

Castka, Pavel, Cory Searcy, and Jakki Mohr (2020), “Technology-Enhanced Auditing:  Improving Veracity and Timeliness for Social and Environmental Supply Chain Performance,” Journal of Cleaner Production (June), 10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.120773.

Martin F. Breed, Peter A. Harrison, Colette Blyth, Margaret Byrne, Virginie Gaget, Nicholas J. C. Gellie, Scott V. C. Groom, Riley Hodgson, Jacob G. Mills, Thomas A. A. Prowse, Dorothy A. Steane and Jakki J. Mohr (2019), “The potential of genomics for restoring ecosystems and biodiversity,” Nature Reviews Genetics, 20(10), pp.615-628.

Mohr, Jakki and Elizabeth Covelli Metcalf (2018), “The Business Perspective in Ecological Restoration: Issues and Challenges”, Restoration Ecology, 26 (2), 381-390.

Lauer, Frederick, Alex Metcalf, Elizabeth Covelli Metcalf, and Jakki Mohr (2018), “Public engagement in social-ecological systems management: An application of social justice theory,” Society & Natural Resources, Vol. 31 (1): pp. 4-20.

Nordin, Fredrik, Annika Ravald, Kristian Moller, and Jakki Mohr (2017), “Network management in emergent high-tech business contexts: Critical capabilities and activities,” Industrial Marketing Management (in press)

Trent, Lindsey and Jakki Mohr (2017), “Marketers’ Valuation Approaches to Brand Equity:  Insights for Accountants,” The CPA Journal, (July), pp. 58-61.  

Jakki J. Mohr, Linda L. Price, and Aric Rindfleisch (2016), “Marketing’s Quest for Environmental Sustainability: Persistent Challenges and New Perspectives,” Review of Marketing ResearchMarketing in and for a Sustainable Society, N. Malhotra, Ed; Volume 13 (pp. 29-59), Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.  

Elizabeth Metcalf, Jakki Mohr, Laurie Yung, Peter Metcalf, and Dave Craig (2015), “The Role of Trust in Restoration Success: Public Engagement and Temporal and Spatial Scale in a Complex Social-Ecological System,” Restoration Ecology, 23 (3), 315-324.

Slater, Stanley, Jakki Mohr, and Sanjit Sengupta (2014), “Radical Product Innovation Capability: Literature Review, Synthesis, and Illustrative Research Propositions” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 31 (3): 552-566.

Mohr, Jakki, Sanjit Sengupta, and Stanley Slater (2012), “Serving Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets: Matching Organizational Approaches to Underlying Conditions,” Journal of Business Strategy, 33 (6), pp. 4-14.


Fellow, Institute on Ecosystems

American Marketing Association


Specialized Skills

Commercialization of technology & innovation 
Technology marketing 
Forensics marketing
Data analytics & innovation
Innovation in ecological restoration

Professional Experience

Expert witness research and testimony based on evaluating marketing strategies and their impacts.

Consulting and corporate training for a variety of technology-oriented businesses and trade associations, including Fujitsu; British Columbia Technology Industry Association; Montana Photonics Industry Alliance; Communitech (Waterloo, Canada)

Keynote lecturer for large marketing/sales/technology groups  as well as for Society of Ecological Restoration 

International Experience

Executive Education in several countries, including New Zealand (University of Canterbury),  India (Indian School of Business); Uruguay (ORT University); Chile (Santiago, University of Alberto Hertado), Finland. 

Fulbright Specialist at ORT University, Uruguay (2010)

Undergraduate and Graduate teaching in New Zealand (University of Otago), Switzerland (University of Bern); Sweden (University of Stockholm); France (Grenoble School of Management)

Served as keynote/plenary speaker at the Society of Ecological Restoration/Australia/Asia (Striving for Restoration Excellence), September 25-28, 2018, Brisbane, Australia
Title: Innovation in Ecological Restoration:  Individual, Company, and Project Factors

Served as keynote/plenary speaker at the VII World Conference on Ecological Restoration (Linking Science & Practice for a Better World) by the Society of Ecological Restoration (Foz D’Iguassu, Brazil) August 27-September 1, 2017 
Title:  “Innovation in Restoration: Barriers and Opportunities”

Global transportation and energy workshop, Saudi Arabia, (

Honors / Awards

Erskine Fellowship, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand (November 2018) 
Montana Educator of the Year (August 2018)
Outstanding MSBA Faculty Teaching Award:  Spring 2020
Outstanding Marketing Faculty Teaching Award (voted by the graduating seniors): 2019/2020, 2016/2017, 2013/2014, 2011/2012 and 2009/2010
Fulbright Specialist, ORT University, Montevideo, Uruguay (November 2010)



Running, skiing, backpacking, gardening, cooking, reading