Getting Started: Setting Up An Internship

5 Steps to Get You Started

Step 1: Look for an Internship

Below is a list of places to begin your search:

  • UM Internship Services and UM Career Services have partnered to provide Handshake, a FREE and comprehensive career services program designed to assist with internship search and career preparation. Students must register with Handshake ( to view and apply for jobs and internships.
  • COB students may apply for internships advertised on Handshake or other sources for which they are qualified. Students may also develop their own internship opportunity.
  • Internship opportunities do not necessarily need to be labeled as "Internship."

Step 2: Obtain Job Description

After receiving a job description from the prospective employer you must meet with the Internship Director, Kathleen Tarkalson in GBB L35. She will review the position for credit worthiness.

  • This can be done in advance of accepting the position.
  • The job description determines whether or not the position is worthy of academic credit and it determines how the internship will be classified (BMIS, BMGT, BMKT, ACTG or BFIN).
  • Acceptable job descriptions may contain NO MORE than 25% clerical work.

Step 3: Accept the Offer!

Follow the application instructions included in the position announcement to apply for the internship.

If students need help preparing a resume and/or cover letter, they may contact UM Career Services at (406) 243-2022 for an appointment.

Step 4: Complete the Online Learning Agreement

  • Obtain an electronic copy of the job description
  • Write your personal learning objectives (3-4 objectives stating what you want to accomplish and learn during the experience)
  • Log into your Handshake account
  • Click on "Career Center" tab at top right
  • Choose "Experiences" link from left navigation
  • Click on "Request an Experience" tab at top right
  • Complete the online learning agreement using the information from the Handshake Guide

Step 5: Final Meeting with Internship Director

  • Meet with Kathleen Tarkalson either in person or via email to receive your registration override.
  • Register and pay for the internship credits as you would for any other course (In person or via Cyberbear). Internship credits must be registered and paid for in the same semester you are completing your internship.