In Appreciation of Our Donors

We are grateful to the donors who have contributed to the growth and success of the Career Development Program.

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Who are we?

The Career Development program relies 100% on donor funding and benefits more than 1,000 students each semester. In 2005, the College of Business (COB) Career Development Program was created and funded by COB alumni serving on the school’s Business Advisory Council. As employers now trying to hire COB students, these alumni saw the need for students to develop a career focus while in college, including job search training and network building.

What is Our Mission?

We know how important it is for students to be prepared to build a successful and rewarding career after completing their college education. We want to give our students the best possible chance to be competitive in the business world by providing workshops; practice interviews; resume critiques; networking events to build their professional contact network; and effective job search advice from expert staff, business owners, and human resource managers. With all of these resources at their fingertips, COB students now gain invaluable experience planning and achieving their career goals. (Click here to see who's hiring our students.)

How we Accomplish it

We offer more than 70 events and programs every semester to teach students career building and job seeking skills, as well as to build their network. We have also integrated a logical progression of career assignments into four required classes, one at each level.

On average, more than 60 companies visit the building each semester to participate in our programs. Many of our visiting employers are COB alumni!

Your continued support makes this program possible.

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