Major and Graduation Applications

COB Major Application

Students must submit the UM Business Major Application to the Business Student Success Center early in the semester in which they are completing the last of the primary lower core courses with a C- or better. Open the Business Major Application below. Fill out the form on your computer to apply for your business major in Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or International Business (in combination with one other business major).

If there are any problems with your application or if you do not complete the last of your primary lower core courses with a C- or better, we will e-mail you. Please remember it is your responsibility to drop courses for which you do not qualify.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Business Student Success Center and you will be assigned a faculty advisor.

Business Major Application available here.

COB Graduation Application

Students must submit a completed copy of the UM Graduation Application to the Business Student Success Center in the semester prior to graduation. It is also COB policy for students to have an approved graduation application on file prior to taking the COB Capstone Course, BGEN 499. The UM Graduation Applications specific to business majors and certificates can be found below:

Note: One form will need to be completed for each major, certificate, and minor a student is earning. Make sure that you submit all necessary paperwork to the Business Student Success Center.

For information on the Graduation Application, please visit the Registrar's Office graduation information.