Core Requirements

Major Requirements

The UM College of Business Administration offers a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration. Students may earn a major in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, or they may earn a major in International Business by double majoring in International Business and one other business major.

All students wishing to receive a UM bachelor of science degree in any of our Business Majors must first complete the following Lower-Core courses with grades of C- or better in each class:

Primary Lower-Core Courses Required in Business:

WRIT 101 - English Composition

MATH 115- Probability and Linear Math*

STAT 216 - Intro to Statistics**

BMIS 270 - Management Information Systems

ECNS 201S - Principles of Microeconomics

ACTG 201 - Financial Accounting

ACTG 202 - Managerial Accounting

*Other approved math courses include M 121 – College Algebra, M 151 – Pre-calculus, and M 162 – Applied Calculus

**Other approved statistics courses include SOCI 202 - Social Statistics, PSYX 222 - Psychology Statistics, and FORS 201 - Forestry Biometrics

Secondary Lower-Core Courses Required in Business:

COMX 111 - Public Speaking

CSCI 172 - Intro to Computer Modeling

ECNS 202S - Principles of Macroeconomics

BGEN 220E - Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

At the beginning of the semester in which students will complete the primary lower core with a 2.0 GPA, 2.0 GPA cumulative GPA and 60 total credits, they apply for admission to a business major. After admission, students are able to register for upper-division 300- and 400-level business classes. The first semester in a business major, students begin taking the Upper-Core Courses required in business. All Upper-Core Courses must be completed with grades of C- or better unless specified as a prereq for another class.

Upper-Core Courses Required in Business:

BFIN 322 - Business Finance

BGEN 361 - Business Law

BMGT 322 - Operations Management

BMGT 340 - Management and Organizational Behavior

BMKT 325 - Marketing Principles

Some Upper-Core Courses are prerequisites to courses in the business majors. For example, BMKT 325 is a prerequisite to most Marketing courses, BMGT 340 is a prerequisite to most management courses, and BFIN 322 is a prerequisite to upper-division finance courses.

Capstone Course:

BGEN 499 - Strategic Management

In the Capstone Course, students will utilize knowledge gained across the business curriculum. Students must have completed all Primary and Secondary Lower-Core and Upper-Core Courses and will have completed most business major courses by the time they take a Capstone Course.

Business Major Field Test:

The Major Field Test (MFT) is required for all students pursuing the bachelor of science degree in Business Administration and will be administered in the same semester that a student takes the Capstone Course, and is built into the curriculum for the class. All information pertinent to the MFT will be available on the BGEN 499 syllabus, including testing dates. The MFT is a comprehensive assessment designed to measure the critical knowledge and understanding of business obtained by students. The MFT will cover information learned in all lower- and upper-core business courses. To increase your readiness for the MFT, you may complete some sample questions

Please visit the UM Graduation website and review the Graduation Application.