Devin Martinez: Two Summer Leadership Programs, Two Internship Offers

Devin Martinez

Oct. 23, 2018

Devin Martinez is a junior from Tacoma, Wash., studying management information systems with a certificate in sustainable business. Earlier this year, he landed appointments with two summer leadership programs — one with PwC in Boston and the other with Moss Adams in Silicon Valley.

We sat down with him to ask about his experiences in those programs and to learn more about the internship with PwC that he already accepted for summer 2019. Martinez, who also serves as a UM Advocate and works as a student administrator in the UM Dining Office, also shared his reflections on being a student at UM.

Our conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.

How did you choose UM and the College of Business?

When I toured here as a sophomore in high school, I decided that wildlife biology was all I wanted to do because UM has such a good program for it. When I came here, I did an entire year of wildlife biology. Even though it wasn’t necessarily for me and I didn’t have as much of a science brain as I thought I did, I fell in love with the university and decided to switch into business. It seemed to fit more with my mindset. Since then, I’ve loved every second of it.

What drew you to MIS?

I ended up switching to MIS after taking Dr. Firth’s class (MIS Professor David Firth’s MIS Foundations for Business class). It seemed like it combined the future of business with technology and also the consulting side. I like the idea of working with people constantly and that’s also one of the reasons I switched to business.

How did you become interested in summer leadership programs?

We had firms come in and talk about it a little bit. I thought that a three-day all-expenses-paid trip that could lead to an internship and full-time job seemed way too good to be true. I signed up for office hours (a regular occurrence at Gallagher Business Building, where firms come to meet with students to discuss internship and employment opportunities).

I applied for PwC Boston as well as Moss Adams Silicon Valley and met with the firms through multiple office hours and Skype interviews. They always asked me what office I’d choose. I always thought that somewhere on the East Coast, being from the West Coast and going to school in Montana, I might as well try the other side of the country. I chose Boston because I’ve been there once and it seemed like a really cool city. Then I ended up receiving an offer to do the summer leadership program with PwC Boston and Moss Adams Silicon Valley and I got to do both.

What did the summer leadership programs involve?

I did PwC Boston first. A lot of that was meeting the firm, including associates, senior associates. I even played corn hole with a senior partner. He was super cool. We got to meet the firm and explore the office. It was their way to give us an example of what Boston was like through the eyes of PwC. That’s what a lot of the three days was like, we were in big meetings at the hotel or we were at or breakout sessions at the firm learning about the firm itself.

Moss Adams was similar to that in meeting some people from the firm, but they had more of an associate to summer leadership program relationship, so it was a lot more people closer to our age, just finishing up their internship. They also took us to the beach to show us what the Bay area was like.

Those experiences led to internship offers for you. Can you tell us about that?

I was very excited and honored to be extended offers by both firms for an internship in the summer of 2019. In the end, I accepted an internship with PwC Boston in their risk assurance practice. This Internship will be 8 weeks long, in the Boston office located in Seaport. 

I’m excited to start working in the field of what I’m studying. So far I’ve had a few courses to dip my toes in the water of what MIS is, but I think once I’m there — and since I’ll be in the risk assurance practice, which is more on the consulting assurance IT side — once I start doing that I think I’ll get a good look at what it will be like to call that a career after college.

You also work in the UM Dining Office, are a member of the MIS student organization, and a UM Advocate. Can you tell us about being an Advocate? 

I’m a tour guide and orientation leader, and I just finished being the recruitment project leader. We just finished up the recruitment stage of inducting the new class of advocates — so we are getting all their applications in and interviewing.

I started as a freshman and will definitely do it until I graduate. It’s just a great group of people and it’s pretty much all volunteer work. That’s unlike the rest of the universities across the country because most of the universities pay their tour guides. What we gain from that is people who aren’t doing it for money but because they love the school and that’s why we’re such a great, tight-knit close group.

What do you say when someone from western Washington or Oregon is interested in UM?

Once they see the campus it does a lot of the talking just because it is such a nice campus. I really try to emphasize on the quality of faculty, the quality of the students, the quality of life, and just how great of a school it is. It just seems that not everyone knows how great a school it is so by going here you get to take full advantage of all opportunities.

If they’re interested in business, I get to just talk their ears off all the time about the amazing opportunities that the College of Business has.