Edward O. Sisson

Edward Sisson

Edward O. Sisson was president of the University of Montana at the time the State Board of Education authorized the organization of the School of Business Administration.

President Sisson came to the University just as the United States entered into World War I. Campus became a camp for soldiers in training and barracks were built. Stenography, typing and accounting were popular as preparation for clerical assignments in the Army.

In the 1919 Sentinel, Sisson penned: “I record my deep appreciation of the strength and steadiness with which the members of the university in general have held to the tasks of the year, against the distractions incident to the Great War. Strange as it may sound, yet I believe it true that the harder task is to stay here and still do one’s full duty; in training in camps or ‘over there’ a man is surrounded by forces that make it easier for him to do his duty than to neglect it; here nearly everything still depends upon the individual will.”