Fall Sales Comp Winners Attend National Competition

Hardesty and Hoehn at NCSC 2017

This past weekend, Marketing senior Aerionna Hardesty and MBA student Tatum Hoehn, the first and second place winners of last fall’s Northwestern Mutual Sales Competition, had the opportunity to attend and compete in the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia.

For the past twenty years, Kennesaw State has invited talented students from 60-80 different schools around the country to visit their campus and compete in the rigorous NCSC. The NCSC emphasizes both the art and skill of selling through intense rounds of sales roleplay in which students are asked to sell a product or service to a fictitious business within the short span of a twenty-minute meeting. As part of the fun, the roleplay sessions often include any number of curveballs to throw students off and challenge their ability to improvise and close the sale.

As first-time attendees, both Aerionna and Tatum found the competition challenging but immensely valuable. Although they didn’t end up making it into any of the final rounds, both noted the invaluable lessons and growth that come with such an opportunity.

“It’s difficult to grasp how important selling is to both business and personal professional growth until you throw yourself into an intense sales competition like this one. You’re forced to get more comfortable putting yourself out there and asking for what you want, whether that’s a sale, a promotion or a new job,” explains Tatum.

Aerionna also notes, “Going to NCSC opened my eyes to a world of collegiate sales competitions that I never knew existed. The science and skills behind sales are useful knowledge for any business student because selling a product or service is the core of a business. Attending NCSC helped me learn those skills…”

Another exciting part of the NCSC is the large job fair that they put on simultaneously with the competition. Top employers from all over the country show up ready to network, interview and hire talented students right from their booths. Spanning nearly every industry, from technology to financial services to heavy equipment, many of the companies look to hire both interns and full-time sales employees from this event. Some of the employers present at the 2017 NCSC included ADP, Qualtrics, NBC Comcast, Gartner, Aflac, Salesforce and Indeed.com.

Northwestern Mutual, in partnership with the UM School of Business, will hold its 4th annual Scholarship Sales Competition this coming fall. The first and second place winners will once again be given the amazing opportunity to attend and compete in the National Collegiate Sales Competition.

For more information on the Northwestern Mutual Scholarship Sales Competition, please visit the website. For information on the NCSC, click here.