MBA Student Studies Abroad in Romania

Ryan Weightman, MBA Student

For the last three months, Ryan Weightman, an MBA student in UM’s School of Business, has been immersed in Eastern European culture as an exchange student at Lucian Blaga University in Romania.

After graduating from UM with a marketing degree in 2004 and then venturing outside the state to live in such exciting cities as Seattle, Bangkok, New York City, and San Francisco, Ryan decided to return to his roots at UM to pursue his MBA in Fall 2016. 

After a semester of new friends, insights, and inspirations, Ryan decided to take on a new adventure as well, accepting an Erasmus grant to spend the spring studying in beautiful Romania.

Since embarking on this adventure, Ryan has taken advantage of many one-of-a-kind opportunities, including taking part in Idea Jam, the Romanian equivalent of the Epic Pitch competition put on by UM’s Blackstone Launchpad and the business school, traveling to the ITB Berlin Travel Expo, and attending the Fulbright Commission EU-US Youth Leaders Summit on Migration in Brussels. This June, Ryan will also be taking part in the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the largest of its kind in the world, as an International Volunteer and Event Coordinator. 

Of the experience thus far, Ryan writes,

“I made a decision before I came that this would be my semester of "Yes". I want to maximize this experience, and so anytime something new or challenging is placed in front of me, I am going for it.”

Students interested in having their own “semesters of ‘Yes’” can check out the business school’s Global Studies page. Students interested in opportunities in Romania, please contact Dr. Simona Stan