Entertainment Management Students Attend Vegas Music Summit

Producer Panel at Vegas Music Summit

Vegas Music Summit was the destination for four UM students who are part of a newly formed student-run record label, Switchback Records, and inspired to explore and discover where they might fit into the music industry. Rodel Delfin, a mentor and facilitator of the label, just so happens to host such a conference over two days in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vegas Music Summit showed up with high-caliber panelists who offered different perspectives and understanding of the way the music business operates. Attendees heard from entertainment lawyers, creative directors, artist managers, artists, producers, producers who are also musicians and many others. One of the most astounding panels discussed the process of sync licensing and the power of songwriting when it meets media. An in-depth discussion about how brands select music for advertising and what a selection can mean for an artist’s brand was especially intriguing.

The sentiment of tenacity and hard work was consistent throughout each panel and there were many times the word ‘relationship’ came up. It’s incredibly important to build your network and cultivate relationships by offering value and collaboration. The processes that were once in place in the cycle of an artist’s career and the “way things are done” really do not apply anymore. The call is out for dynamic performances and as many of the panelists echoed - it all comes down to talent and the song.

Students were also invited to two showcases of up-and-coming artists including, Smoke Season, Avalon Landing and Ray Little. Stay tuned...

The Producer panel, shown in photo:
Tom Rothrock // Producer, composer and musician (Moby, Beck, Foo Fighters)
Amadeus // Producer, songwriter, musician (Trey Songz, Fabolous)
Dave Lichens // Producer, composer and musician (Kobalt Music, Sony ATV)
Pat Thrall // Producer, engineer, musician (Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Rihanna)
Kane Churko // Producer and engineer (Papa Roach, Ozzy)