Next Stop - Montana!

Haley Kramer

After gaining experience at KPMG in Portland, Haley Kramer (Master of Accountancy, 2013) has returned to Montana. Haley recently accepted a position as Manager of Internal Audit with Montana Rail Link in Missoula. One of Montana’s largest employer’s, Montana Rail Link employs approximately 1,000 people and operates more than 900 miles of track in Montana, Idaho, and Washington.

Haley is a native of Billings and completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting at the University of Montana. Haley began her career as an audit associate at KPMG in Portland, Oregon in the fall of 2013. An internship at KPMG in 2012 led to a full-time job offer. Haley notes that it was very helpful to have passed the CPA exam before starting at KPMG. Most students graduating from UM’s master of accounting program do pass the exam before beginning work.

The experience she gained at KPMG led to the job at Montana Rail Link and the opportunity to return to Montana. Asked about her experience at KPMG Haley says “I enjoyed my time in Portland and am grateful for my experience at KPMG. Nevertheless, I was excited for the opportunity to bring my experience back to Montana, especially for a great company like MRL. I am enjoying my current role and the opportunity to continue to expand my accounting and industry knowledge.” Haley’s experience demonstrates that the job market for accounting professionals is wide open everywhere, including in Montana.

Mike Basile, Director of General Accounting and Treasurer at Montana Rail Link, had this to say about Haley and other UM School of Business alumni, "We've had great success at Montana Rail Link, and at the other Missoula-based Washington Companies, with UM's School of Business and Accounting alumni over the years. Every time we tap into the pool of Montana graduates, including those, like Haley, who have left the state and are looking to return, we find they are consistently among the top candidates for our accounting leadership positions. It continues to be such a positive connection for us."

Haley’s advice to current students is to get to know your professor, learn as much as possible during college, and build networks with other students in the School of Business. Her outside activities include hiking and running. This past year, she participated in the Hood to Coast Relay. This summer, she is participating in the Missoula Half Marathon as a member of the 2017 Run 4 Kids Team.