UMEM Forms Artist & Repertoire Team to Uncover Local Talent

Members of UMEM A&R team

University of Montana Entertainment Management (UMEM) will incorporate artist development into its BMGT 402 Principles of Entertainment Management class this autumn semester.

In anticipation of an exciting and fast-paced semester, UMEM formed an Artist & Repertoire (A&R) team composed of UMEM students. Throughout the summer this group will work together and as individuals to scout artists in and around Montana. The goal is to discover musicians and collect tracks, photos and information on each artist.

Ultimately, artists from this curated list have the potential to be chosen to work with students from BMGT 402 throughout the semester on branding, writing, recording, performing and booking. These artists will also be the first to help launch the new student-run record label (more information on that soon).

For now, the A&R team is on the lookout for bands and solo artists in order to fill out an artist platform for each and share them with each other and UMEM.  So far, there have been some surprising discoveries, so stay tuned!