KPMG Portland Top Employer of Interns and Graduates

SoBA alumnia at KPMG Portland

Twenty-one SoBA students are working at internships with KPMG this summer, nine of whom at KPMG’s Portland, Oregon, office location. 

Enjoying the central, downtown locale of the office, the nine Portland interns were placed in one of KPMG’s three service divisions.  Madison Gaylord, Ryan Hover and Christopher Mott are with the Audit division.  Tax interns include Emily Weaver and Keli Dennehy.  And Advisory hired Byron Boots, Cortney White, Cassidy Mann and Madison Payne.

Approximately 80 percent of SoBA graduating seniors last year completed a professional internship.  These internships often lead to full-time careers at organizations following graduation, and KPMG is certainly no exception. 

A top employer of SoBA graduates, there are 10 proud alumni who hold full-time positions in the KPMG Portland office.   In the photo shown, they are: (Top row, from left to right) R.S. Monahan, Meghan Van Hoy,  Lauren Costa, Haley Kramer, Greg Heidner, Danny Murphy, Jay Broudy and (bottom row, from left to right) Alex Basile, Karissa Cornell and Ryan Hover.