Klaus Uhlenbruck Returns from Lecturing in Top Programs in Europe

University of Mannheim

Professor of Management Klaus Uhlenbruck spent the first weeks of summer in Europe, where he worked with doctoral students on their research and helped their scholarly publication efforts. At EBS University, a UM partner school, he participated in the proposal defense of a doctoral candidate, joined a research retreat with students and faculty of EBS’s Management and Economics Department and taught a two-day “Academic Writing and Publishing” course in the doctoral program’s summer school.

“My favorite part of working with the doctoral students in Europe, generally, is what I call ‘raw intelligence.’ Their training is not as thorough and systematic as at U.S. universities, but they are super smart and highly motivated people,” said Uhlenbruck.

Uhlenbruck spent two days at the University of Mannheim (see photo). There, too, he worked with doctoral students on their research endeavors in the fields of organizational behavior, strategic management and marketing. In addition, he participated in a panel presentation discussing issues of how to deal with reviewer comments in a “revise and resubmit” invitation by scholarly journals.

Finally, he visited IE University in Madrid, Spain. IE offers world-renowned graduate programs in business to a student body largely coming from abroad, including the United States. This visit was supported by the Chair of the Doctoral Program of IE’s business school. At IE, Klaus presented his own research on family-owned businesses. He also presented to a group of doctoral students on the opportunities and challenges of engaging in and publishing international business research in top academic journals.

Uhlenbruck says that there are many reasons why international relationships such as these are important.  “It’s like comparative advantage in economics:  by exchanging and combining knowledge from different places on the globe, we are all better off.”

Here at UM, Uhlenbruck teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. He also serves as the Chair of the Management and Marketing Department and recently received the 2015-16 SoBA Researcher of the Year Award.