UMEM Guest Speakers Facilitate Student Discussions About Future Technologies


On April 29, the UM Entertainment Management (UMEM) program welcomed Mike McGinley, Noah Brier, and Nick Parish to speak in class. Mike is a founder of the UMEM program and the founder of SRO Consultants, a tour accounting consultancy. Noah is the cofounder of Percolate, a system of record for marketing. And Nick is the North American Editorial Director at Contagious Communications, a premiere marketing publication.

Parish discussed creativity with students and the importance of viewing creativity as a measurable action and the ripple effect it can have throughout an organization. Drawing on his experience, Briar talked about predicting the future of technology by applying economic frameworks to historical events. Students then had the opportunity to break into groups to discuss future opportunities for new technologies like 3D printing, drones and artificial intelligence. At the end of class, students presented their ideas to Parish, Brier, McGinley and their classmates.