AIBL Members Attend National Conference in Chandler, Arizona

AIBL members

Ten members of the UM chapter of American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) are attending the national conference this week, April 7-9, in Chandler, Arizona.  Crystal White Shield will also as the graduate assistant in charge of many of the events happening while the conference is in session. The students will compete in the Business Plan Competition and for the Chapter of the Year.

The conference will feature Native American entrepreneurs and small business owners to speak and hold workshops for the students that will be in attendance. The founder of the Nike N7 division, Sam McKracken, is one of these exciting speakers. Workshops will be held on market segmentation, connective leadership, Native women in business and capacity building in Indian country just to name a few. As of April, there were 132 registered students from all over the country registered for this year's conference.

The students in attendance during the conference will be given the opportunity to network with other AIBL chapters as well as all the keynote speakers, workshop panels and board members. 

The UM AIBL Students going to the conference:

Marley Tanner, President
Robbie Gauthier, Executive Vice President/VP Finance & Budgeting 
Katelyn Barcus, VP Fundraising 
Courtney Little Axe, VP Public Outreach
Ronnel Goss, Secretary
Mariah Hamel
Jake Lahr
Chanel Bird
JaNeal McDonald
Tayla Desjarlais