UMEM Students Work With Alumnus on Local Marketing Campaign for Big-Name Band

Erroneous Thunk

An integral, and the most valuable, part of the UMEM program is its students, both past and present. At the end of February, Damon Metzner, a former UMEM student, returned to Missoula to share his experience and expertise with current Entertainment Management students through a marketing campaign for a local performance of the band Galactic.

Metzner, a musician by trade, came to Montana in 2001 from New Orleans. Here Metzner began to broaden his horizons, and, in addition to being a nationally touring drummer, he became the exclusive talent buyer for two Missoula venues. Soon after he founded two production companies.

Metzner currently works for 7S Management, an artist management company based in Denver. 7S works with artists such as Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Shakey Graves and Galactic. Leading up to Galactic’s Missoula show at the Wilma Theater on February 25, Metzner invited Entertainment Management students to get involved. Students hung posters, passed out handbills and were given the opportunity to design their own marketing materials. In return, they were invited to attend the show for half of the original ticket price.

Additionally, Metzner and Mike Morelli connected with University of Montana jazz student, Elijah Wynn. Wynn is a member of local jazz band Erroneous Thunk. As a way to teach students the importance of radio promotion in advancing a show, Metzner and the students orchestrated a live broadcast with The Trail where Erroneous Thunk rearranged and performed some of Galactic’s most popular songs on air. In return, the local jazz band was invited to open for Galactic at the Wilma.