SoBA Intern Works for Ketchum's Sustainability and Social Impact Practice in NYC

Tessa Feemster and other fellows

Tessa Feemster, a junior majoring in marketing, spent the summer in New York City as a fellow with global PR firm Ketchum. Feemster was one of 15 fellows, out of 1,000 applicants, at the New York office. She worked for Ketchum's Sustainability and Social Impact (SSI) practice with clients such as Kohler, Proctor and Gamble, Michelin and Pernod Ricard.

Feemster provided research and communication support to the account teams with a special focus on adding SSI tactics to the projects.

The last few weeks of the fellowship were dedicated to a team project with the other fellows.  They designed an entire new business campaign for 3M's Scotch Brand. The fellows pitched their project to 3M executives and engaged in the entire process of campaign design, working with people from numerous departments.

Feemster loved New York. She lived on the Upper West Side and walked past Times Square and Rockefeller Center every day on her way to work.  Of New York, she said:  “The pizza is amazing and there is always something to do.”

Feemster said she formed great relationships with people both inside and outside her department as well as with the other fellows. Although she hadn’t considered this career path before, she has added account coordinator with Ketchum to her list of exciting opportunities.