SoBA Spotlight: Ryan Glennon

Ryan Glennon

Name: Ryan Glennon          

Hometown: Sierra Vista, Arizona

Academic Program/Major: Management Information Systems with a certificate in Big Data Analytics

Why UM and why SoBA? Spending my entire life in Arizona started to get to me. I needed a fresh start and a new experience. After applying to several universities around the nation, I chose the University of Montana because of the type of community Missoula is. I chose SoBA for their mission as an organization. The School of Business Administration makes sure that students are their number one priority.  This was crucial in my decision-making. At the end of my four-year college career, SoBA has provided me with the proper skillset to have a long and successful career.

Why the (major or program here)? Growing up, technology was always a passion of mine, I always wanted to enhance my knowledge base on new and upcoming technologies. The Management Information Systems major let me channel that. In addition, I was blind to the world of Big Data, and SoBA opened a new door for me to enhance the way I think and solve problems.

Favorite hobby? After moving to Missoula, my list of hobbies has grown exponentially. I have picked up new hobbies such as skiing, hiking and photography, but ice hockey is my favorite.