Internship Spotlight: Emily Eicholtz, PwC Risk Assurance

Emily Eicholtz

Last summer, MIS major Emily Eicholtz worked an internship with PwC Risk Assurance in the Seattle office.  

PwC is a global company that offers professional services including audit and assurance, tax and consulting that cover such areas as cybersecurity and privacy,  human resources, deals and forensics.

Eicholtz learned about the internship opportunity through School of Business Career Development recruiting events such as Meet the Firms and MISA.

“Our business school does an awesome job of bringing in large employers who are interested in recruiting our students,” said Eicholtz.

In preparing for her internship, classes at the School of Business taught Eicholtz how to conduct herself in a corporate environment and work in a team setting.

“Since most of the technical skills are taught on the job,” she said, “the most important things I learned here [at the SoB] revolved around developing my soft skills.”

The internship at PwC also left her with few lasting lessons.

“I learned what I value most about a workplace. Supportive coworkers, career progression opportunities and constant mentoring,” said Eicholtz.

Based on her internship experience, Eicholtz quickly learned it is impossible to know it all.  Likewise, she found that it is crucial to surround herself with people more experienced than she is and to learn from those people.

Eicholtz fell in love with Seattle during her internship. When she graduates, Eicholtz plans to return and secure a full-time position at PwC.

“Seattle is not only incredibly beautiful, but it’s also a super laidback city. The people I met were all friendly, and it's the perfect balance between a bustling metropolitan life and an abundance of outdoor activities,” she said.