SoBA Spotlight: Raven McMurry

Raven McMurry

Name: Raven McMurry  

Hometown: Great Falls, MT

Academic Program/Major: Business Management with a certificate in Entertainment Management

Why UM and why SoBA?
I grew around the University of Montana since I was in pre-school, so I’ve gotten to know the campus and university itself fairly well.  It has always had an appealing business program, so the choice was simple.

Why the (major or program here)?
I really love connecting with people and helping others reach their full potentials.  A certificate in Entertainment Management is a way for me to stay involved with performers and musicians while helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations.  So far the management program has allowed me to connect with so many different people and, more specifically, people within the entertainment industry. 

Favorite hobby?
I really enjoy skiing at Snowbowl and Big Sky Ski Resort!  I also dance at the Oula Studio and the Downtown Dance Collective.