SoBA Spotlight: Mackenzie Capasso

Mackenzie Capasso

Name: Mackenzie Capasso

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Academic Program/Major: Management Information Systems and International Business

Why UM and why SoBA?:  I needed a change of pace, and wanted to branch away from the in state universities that my friends were going to. I applied to universities around the country, and I was offered a generous scholarship to the University of Montana, so I decided to start my new adventure here.

The rigorous, yet exciting coursework that SoBA offers would allow me to finish my degrees in three years, and I was grateful for that opportunity. Not only did SoBA enhance my intellectual knowledge, but it also allowed me to expand my social circle and network in ways that have been indescribable. At the end of the day, SoBA has shaped me to take opportunities when they present themselves, and for that I will forever be indebted to this wonderful school.

Why the (major or program here)?: I have always had a passion for International Relations, and that was my initial reasoning for becoming an International Business major. Because the IB program requires you to double-major, I really wanted to find a major that complemented my first degree. And because I had finished my general education requirements in high school, I could pick a second degree without worrying about time. The MIS major has given me the ability to speak the ever-growing language of technology and connect with students and professors with the same passion for technology that I have.

All in all, the tremendous professors, advisors, and colleagues I’ve found in each degree program are the reasons I fell in love with my majors and that’s been a wonderful blessing.

Favorite hobby?: Shopping, blogging, and brunching, of course.