SoBA Spotlight: Elise Torgerson

Elise Torgerson

Name: Elise Torgerson

Hometown: Sidney, MT

Academic Program/Major: Business Finance

Why UM and why SoBA?
I visited Missoula a ton growing up for football games, Griz camps, and to visit family friends. I’ve always wanted to live in western Montana since I was a kid for the outdoor aspects of it and because I knew Missoula so well.

Why the (major or program here)?
Both my dad and older sister graduated from UM’s business school. My dad is an accountant, and my sister got a degree in MIS.  Both became very successful in their careers. I actually started as a pre-PT student but decided it wasn’t for me, so I switched over to business finance.

Favorite hobby?
This last year I picked up mountain biking, and now I’m obsessed!