SoBA Intern Looks Forward to New Career

Sarah Becarri

Last summer MIS major Sarah Beccari had an internship at Advanced Technology Group (ATG), a local tech consulting firm with national reach.

Beccari learned about the opportunity from a friend and recent MIS graduate who works at ATG.

“I love Missoula, so being able to stay in the town I love was a perk of the internship,” she said. “I was able to walk from my apartment to work and take walking meetings with coworkers along the river. Also, with the ATG office being in downtown Missoula, there were so many awesome places to eat nearby.”

The coursework in MIS courses aligns very closely with what employees at ATG do every day, but the communication skills she learned in her business courses in particular served Beccari well at ATG.

“The most important thing I learned from my education at SoBA was to be able to comfortably present material to clients and coworkers,” Beccari said.

During the internship Beccari had the opportunity to work directly with a real client.  As part of a team, she gathered requirements, built and tested parts of a software system and collected client feedback.

“I learned a ton about working with APIs on a workflow software platform,” she said.

After graduation Beccari plans to take a full-time position at ATG to work as a software implementation consultant.

“Before I go full-time, however, I will be taking two weeks off to snowboard at various places all around Montana and Idaho,” said Beccari.

Beccari is excited to apply what she learned during her internship at ATG in her future career.  The company with which she worked during the internship has a long-standing relationship with ATG, so she hopes to work with that client again.