UMEM Students Work on Artist Development Project Playing Monopoly with God

Playing Monopoly with God program

As part of their coursework, students in BMGT 402 Principles of Entertainment Management I are working on artist development projects. 

A group of three students partnered with Melissa Bangs on her theatre production of Playing Monopoly with God, a one-woman show that tells the story of a mother’s experience with postpartum psychosis.

Mike Weddle, Cheyenne Flemming and Chandra Taylor spent the semester working with Bangs on a marketing plan, branding, booking a tour, drafting contract language and fine-tuning a showcase submission to the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) that takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, this upcoming February.

“I like that we are doing something a little different from the rest of the class,” Flemming commented. “We get to hear another group’s experiences, and then we have a separate list of things we are working on with Melissa. It’s interesting that we have two very different things going on in one class, but no matter which one you are doing you’re getting great real-world experience.”

Last Thursday the group and UMEM Executive Director Mike Morelli took a road trip to Helena to see the show.  They also helped set up and sell merchandise.

“She was so excited for us to see it and I think it meant a lot to her that we went,” said Flemming.