UMEM Student Has Experience of a Lifetime as Agency Intern in Boulder, Colorado

Jesse Schuster

UMEM student Jesse Schuster scored an exciting internship with Madison House Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, last summer.  The company provides unique and innovative management and booking for musical artists. It has offices in Boulder as well as Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Nashville, Tennessee. 

“My experience over the summer with The Madison House was one that I’ll always be grateful for and forever cherish,” said Schuster.

Ever since he found out that he may actually be able to have a career in the entertainment field, Schuster worked to get an opportunity to make that dream a reality. He’s worked shows on campus, pedaled flyers, took an Adams Center marketing job, was an assistant at a boutique entertainment management company, worked on tour marketing at Insight Management and went to Pollstar Live 2015 and 2016 all to get the experience he would need.

The gig at Madison House added to Schuster’s growing and impressive resume.

“I was able to work with an agency who has names on their roster such as Bassnectar, Hieroglyphics, Beats Antique, Paper Diamond, Nahko, Tom Hailtons American Babies and so many more,” he said. “It couldn’t have been a better environment to work in.”

Schuster served as an agent intern under Jake Schneider and his team. Primarily working with the junior agents, he completed tasks that ranged anywhere from doing new artist research to entering artists offers.

He learned an immense amount about the environment of the entertainment business, what is important in being an agent and about the ins and outs of constructing a tour or artist offer.

Being an agency intern also meant having the opportunity to attend a plethora of shows, being a part of the behind-the-scenes action and establishing himself within the industry.

“I had the chance to go backstage at Red Rocks, had free admittance to music festivals and was able to be on the guest list for many local shows,” Schuster said. “It was priceless!”