SoBA Spotlight: Riley Pateman

Riley Pateman

Name: Riley Pateman

Hometown: Shepherd, MT

Major: Marketing/Digital Marketing

Why UM and why SoBA? I wanted a change without leaving Montana.  Missoula is quite different from the Billings area, and it has allowed me to live in a beautiful community in the most beautiful state.  Being a part of SoBA gives you access to some of the best professors available.  Not only do the SoBA professors enrich your college experience but they truly care about your success.

Why Marketing? I took a one-credit Careers in Marketing class with Jakki Mohr when I was a sophomore.  I loved the versatility of the degree.  And let’s be honest, Jakki’s passion for marketing is contagious.

Favorite Hobby?  I have a passion for learning new things and being challenged.  Living in Missoula has nurtured that passion.  Since living here, I have picked up new hobbies such as kayaking and rafting that I would never have picked up otherwise.