SoBA Spotlight: Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson

Name: Nathan Anderson

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Academic Program/Major: Management Information Systems with a Certificate in Big Data Analytics and an emphasis in Cybersecurity

Why UM and why SoBA?
I chose the University of Montana because I knew some faculty and staff members before I attended college.  I had the opportunity to hear about their experiences at UM and why, in their opinions, UM offers a better education than other institutions of higher education in the nation.  More specifically, they spoke to the education that the School of Business Administration provides.

Coming to UM, I knew the CIO of UM’s Information Technology Department.  It was through that that I knew I could be a part of something bigger and gain valuable experience that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

In addition, SoBA offers some of the best business programs in the Northwest.  The faculty and staff work hard to make students their number one priority and want to see their students reach their full potentials and get the jobs they actually want.

The support of SoBA’s faculty and staff makes it feel like more than a school—more like being a part of one big family.

Why the (major or program here)?
The management information systems major, along with the big data analytics certificate, really illustrates just how much SoBA encourages students to learn about cutting-edge technologies and business processes that prepare students to be the leaders of organizations that have a larger impact on the world.

The faculty and staff of the MIS program have always been very supportive in helping students get into companies that they want to be a part of. It never hurts to get to know the faculty and staff! Network and get to know more people!

Favorite hobby?
Playing with new technology!