Welcome, Theresa Floyd

Theresa Floyd and daughter Natalie

Theresa Floyd just joined SoBA as a new assistant professor of management.  She earned her PhD in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior, from the University of Kentucky in 2014. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design in 1993 and her master’s degree in Textile Design in 1995 from Syracuse University. Prior to returning to school for her PhD, she worked in retail merchandising for 14 years for companies, including Gap and PetSmart.

Theresa’s industry experience includes extensive international travel, negotiation with overseas vendors and responsibility for assortments that generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue. She loves bringing her business experience and research experience to her teaching, and has a passion for preparing her students for successful business careers. Theresa enjoys travel, singing, running, yoga and spending time with her husband, Paul, and her daughter, Natalie. She has sung in a number of choirs around the U.S., including The Phoenix Symphony Chorus and the Chorus Pro Musica in Boston. 

Theresa’s research interests include social network theory and analysis, social cognition, social influence and the effects of organizational change on organizational attachment. While at the University of Kentucky, she taught Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, and Negotiations and Conflict Resolution; to undergrads and MBAs. She also engages in business consulting that employs a social networks lens.