UMEM Director Discusses Future of Entertainment at UM

Darah Fogarty, Cheri Trusler, Rebecca Gairrett and Mike Morelli

This fall, Broadcast Journalism student Cheri Trusler decided to start a podcast. She saw diverse and noteworthy events happening around campus and decided to experiment with a new medium to tell the stories she saw unfolding at the University of Montana.

Cheri and her peers have started “32 Campus Drive,” a podcast that tells the unique stories of the people, places and creatures associated with Griz Nation. The theme of the first episode is entertainment.

Cheri invited UMEM director Mike Morelli and UMEM office student employees Rebecca Gairrett and Darah Fogarty over to the studio to discuss the future of entertainment at the University of Montana.

Professor Morelli spoke about the unique opportunities offered to students through UMEM, such as gaining real entertainment industry experience and learning from leaders in the industry, many of whom are former Grizzlies. As Professor Morelli sees it, the future of entertainment on campus will come about through the building of a campus wide community that draws on the different skills and talents of the student body and a universal appreciation for entertainment and the arts. His focus for the future of UMEM is developing meaningful ways for UMEM students to contribute to their community.

Check out the first episode of the podcast