International Student Spotlight: Momoko Nakajima

Momoko Nakajima

Momoko Nakajima is a senior in the School of Business Administration majoring in marketing.

What is your hometown and county?
I am from Japan, and my hometown is Tokyo.

What made you choose the University of Montana?
I chose the University of Montana because I wanted to focus on studying.  I wanted to be in an environment where I could concentrate on studying, and Missoula was the best option for me.

In addition, I was able to get a scholarship from the university because my high school in Japan and the University of Montana had a partnership. This was another reason why I chose UM, but mostly it was because of the environment.

What has been the most challenging transition for you?
Being responsible for everything I do was the most challenging transition for me. When I was in Japan, I lived with my parents, so I depended on them a lot. I had friends who I could rely on. After I came here, I had to be self-reliant.

What has been the most rewarding so far?
All the friends that I’ve made so far are the most rewarding. I get homesick for Missoula when I go back to Japan for vacation, and it is because of my friends in Missoula.

Do you have any advice for other international students considering the University of Montana?
I would say to try not to miss any experiences.  I always try to participate in any opportunities because I want to explore something new and something that I could not experience in my home country. I am sure that there would be time that’s tough for you, but you should try to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss a chance to see something you would never find in your country.