QuestMT: A Conference on Marketing Analytics Launches Executive Education at SoBA

Panel of industry experts at QuestMT

The inaugural QuestMT executive education conference dealing with cutting-edge marketing analytics strategies took place late September at the main UM campus. Tim O’Leary ( B.S. ‘81), longtime friend of UM and author and co-founder of R2C Group,  was the driving force in the design of the conference.

A total of eight business organizations sponsored the event, including the two primary sponsors R2C Group and the University of Montana.   Joan Giese, UM professor of marketing, served as conference coordinator.  Other members of the conference planning and execution team included Jakki Mohr, UM professor of marketing, and Mario Schulzke, assistant VP of marketing at UM.  John Chandler, UM clinical professor of marketing, was an invited panelist.

Many of the 120 conference attendees commented that Missoula was an “inspirational environment” for executive education and that UM provided an “ideal educational setting.”  Panelists and presenters were experts in the field of marketing analytics, primarily from the Seattle and Portland areas.

The participants left the conference with practical knowledge about how to implement marketing analytics in their respective organizations as well as how to use analytics to make data-driven management decisions.

Based on participant feedback, plans are already underway for QuestMT 2016. The date is yet to be announced.