2012 MBA Graduate Lives on the Open Road

Seth at music festival for Sunshine Squad

Johnny Cash singing the famous “I’ve Been Everywhere” could be Seth Elliott’s theme song. 

As an MBA student in the School of Business Administration, Elliott completed a summer internship with Bic, the company that produces lighters, shavers and pens.   What most people would happily do for free, Elliott was paid for:  Traveling around the country, attending music festivals, chatting up festival-goers and engaging in acts of kindness as part of the Bic Sunshine Squad.

The Sunshine Squad was a group of brand ambassadors sent on a road trip to select cities around the U.S. in 2012. Bic gave the squad yellow convertibles and tasked them with giving out free samples of Bic’s Soleil razors, handing out bottles of water on hot days, treating consumers to lunch and rewarding people for being kind to one another.

Elliott’s travels did not stop there.  Following his 2012 graduation from the MBA program with an emphasis and certificate in entertainment management, Seth went on to do marketing and sponsorship work with both NCAA football and major league baseball.

Right now Elliott is hitching a ride on country singer and songwriter Frankie Ballard’s tour bus on the Anything Goes Tour.   While traveling the country, Elliott handles the sponsorship for Mike's Hard Lemonade, a Canadian-owned beverage manufacturer in the United States. The scope of Seth’s current work includes branding, sampling, meet-and-greets, client relations and acoustic performances.

The line of work Elliott has chosen has given him the opportunity to travel around the lower 48 states, but it has also afforded him flexibility to travel abroad during the winter months.  Since graduating with an MBA, he has spent time in Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Korea and Indonesia.   

And the list of places Seth has seen just continues to get longer.   As the song goes, “Travel, I've had my share, man.  I've been everywhere…”