Accounting Grad Turns Class Project into Hip Strip Coffee Shop

Glenda Bradshaw

Glenda Bradshaw (Accounting, ’15) is a self-declared shop girl at heart.  She left Kinko’s, where she had worked her way up to managing director after 18 years, however, to go back to school. 

While studying at UM, Bradshaw decided to major in accounting and thought she would have a career in that field.  Her vision of the future changed when she took the business degree capstone course, Strategic Management, from Prof.  Suzanne Tilleman. 

In the strategic management course, Bradshaw dusted off a business idea she had shelved for years.  With the help of her fellow students, she brought it to life as a group project and began to see its potential as a real business.   

Working with the Montana Community Development Corporation, Bradshaw continued to hone the business plan.  She also put her accounting skills, which proved exceptionally helpful, to work throughout the planning process. 

The result was Missoula’s newest coffee shop, Clyde Coffee.  Located on the Hip Strip, it is a bright a cozy space for people to gather, study, sip warm beverages and nosh on a signature Turkish breakfast.

Watching Bradshaw glide around behind the counter and her ease at making small talk with customers, it is clear that she is in her element.  She gets to be shop girl, accountant, and her own boss at Clyde Coffee.